The M. A. Ed. program in gifted education here at William and Mary has prepared me well for taking on a leadership role in a school and/or school district. I hope to work in a school setting in which I can provide direct services to gifted learners and also work with teachers to improve instruction for gifted learners throughout the school. I am knowledgeable about the cognitive and affective needs of gifted learners and the ways in which instructional modifications can help meet these needs. I plan to use this expertise to help teachers design and implement instruction in ways that will enhance learning for all students. I could accomplish this by planning and/or teaching collaboratively, modeling lessons, facilitating training workshops, or leading study groups. I also plan to continue learning, writing, and presenting as I leave the academic world and return again to an elementary setting. Remaining connected to a local community of advocates for gifted children will also enable me to remain current on issues and use my leadership skills.

Here are a few examples of ways in which I have been able to exercise my leadership skills during the last four semesters:

  • For my program planning course, I designed a professional development module on infusing creativity into the regular classroom curriculum. This included an initial training activity and a plan for systematic follow-up with teachers to help them design and implement creative lessons.

  • I have taken an active role in decision making at Project Civis in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training, instrument development, and data collection and analysis.

  • I co-wrote an article for an educational journal that has been submitted for consideration for publication.

  • I co-presented at the National Association for Gifted Children's annual conference in Atlanta.